Mushrooming Together: March 2022

Shigureni of beef and Maitake mushrooms 22813612 - Free Download - photoACWhen making this dish rapidly at work I simply get a pot of simmering water going and then throw in a pinch or two of dried seaweed (any form will do), and no matter mushrooms we’ve got around. Shiitake mushrooms are traditionally used and for good cause; they rehydrate effectively, retain a nice consistency when simmered, and add a wealthy taste to your soup. Since working at FFP I’ve also gotten to experiment with a variety of other mushrooms. In a soup this mushroom seems to take on an virtually seafood character which works very properly with the other components and is particularly appealing to my New Canada style buds. My personal favorite to this point is the Italian Oyster. Once the seaweed and mushrooms are simmering alongside for a couple of minutes I then mix in a small spoonful of purple miso, a sprint of fish sauce, and a dash of soy sauce. All of those elements add nice flavor to the soup, however you have to watch out to not overdo it as they’re high in sodium and sturdy flavored. At the same time you may as well throw in your carbohydrate. At this point I put in any vegetables that I’ve useful (I have used anything from Cabbage to Burdock Root, actually just throw in something that you have lying around). If utilizing dry noodles you have to cook these until tender. A few minutes before the noodles are performed I typically throw in a couple of cubes of tofu and crack an egg within the pot. I often use soba and/or udon noodles but have additionally used leftover brown rice in a pinch. The tofu just needs to be in long enough to warm up and that i try and cook the egg in order that the white is cooked via but the yolk continues to be runny. Previously cooked and shelled onerous boiled eggs additionally work nicely.
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