Also Dried Militaris Generally Use For Tea

Happy Shopper Waves Goodbye To Store OwnerWe use mushrooms in our daily food in numerous format like mushroom curry, soups, fries and most famous as a topping on the pizza. Cordyceps can be a type of the mushroom but it isn’t use as food because of it is high medicinal properties, it is usually used as a drugs and in type of tea as a tonic. In some articles and studies on cordyceps some creator compared cordyceps with the “Soma Rasa” that was a drink used by an historical hindu civilization. As per hindu mythology in Soma Rasa there was divine high quality and even immortality. Cordyceps have about four hundred species everywhere in the world. Himalaya, mainly within the area of Nepal, India, Bhutan & Tibet. As this species grow in solely some specific areas and circumstances and also very high medicinal value & demand in pharmaceutical industry the price of this species additionally very excessive. Famous species we know and trending in information now a days are Cordyceps Militaris & Cordyceps Sinensis. Cordyceps Militaris species we are able to grown in a laboratory. In some e commerce websites the value of this species is about 60 Lacs INR (8000 USD)/ Kg. Also dried militaris generally use for tea. Cordyceps Militaris is extremely uses in medicines. Price of this species varies in between 1.5 Lacs – 4.5 Lacs / Kg.
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